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Get your Life Predictions from a Detailed Birth Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

To determine the compatibility of a couple, the Ashtakoota method considers the Guna Milan based on their birth charts. The sum of the Gunas is 36, and a score of 24 out of 36 is considered ideal for a successful marriage. A Guna Milan score of less than 18 is not deemed suitable for marriage.

The accuracy of Online Kundali Matching is equivalent to the traditional approach conducted by a knowledgeable Astrologer. The online process delivers precise results for Horoscope matching in just a few minutes. Jyotish Shastra conducts Kundali Matching online through birth details, which is the most highly recommended method of Guna Milan in Astrology. Moreover, users can connect with the top Astrologers via call or chat to gain more clarity and insights on the Kundali Matching report.

If the score in Kundali Matching is low, it can indicate an unsatisfactory and problematic married life. It is recommended to seek advice from a professional astrologer who specializes in love and relationships for solutions and remedies.

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