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Get your Life Predictions from a Detailed Birth Chart

If you’re in search of a free Kundli prepared by expert astrologers, AstroTreasure is the right platform for you. Our online free Kundli is 100% authentic and has been created after consulting more than 50 expert astrologers. The Kundli gives you an insight into different aspects of your life such as your career, love life, marriage, business, and much more. You can also use the Kundli for purposes like matchmaking, kundli matching for marriage, or simply making future predictions.

Our Kundli considers the movement of all the planets in your life, starting from your birth to as far as 100 years. This helps you understand the reasons behind the ongoing circumstances and what’s in store for you in the future. If you’re feeling confused about life, the online Kundli can be your savior. We encourage you to try the free online Kundli and share your feedback with us.


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Why you should get Your Janam Kundli Online?

The Importance of Kundli Making

Kundli making provides individuals with detailed insight into various aspects of their lives, including love, career, finance, health, and marriage. By analyzing a Kundli, an astrologer can make predictions about a person’s future and provide guidance on how to approach different situations in life.

Traditional Kundli Making

Traditionally, Kundli making involves studying the exact positions of planets and stars at the time of a person’s birth. The Kundli contains predictions and charts that help individuals understand what their future holds and prepare them for times of struggle or success.

Online Kundli Making

In recent years, the process of Kundli making has gone online, making it more accessible, affordable, and detailed. At AstroTreasure, we provide free Janam kundli online to make it convenient for our large user base to learn more about themselves and plan their lives better. Online Kundli software offers additional benefits such as availability in multiple languages.

Accuracy of Online Kundli Making

While a Kundli made by a Vedic astrologer is undoubtedly the best option, online Kundli software is also precise and detailed. In fact, an online Kundli can often provide more detailed information than a physical Kundli. It’s important to note that online Kundli software is created using the same astrological predictions as physical Kundli making. The only difference is the medium of sharing information, which is digital.

Physical Janam Kundli Report

If you prefer a physical Janam Kundli report, our astrologers can create one for you, which will be delivered to you physically.


Whether you choose to make your Kundli traditionally or online, it is an important step in gaining insight into your life. The accuracy and authenticity of online Kundli astrology are comparable to physical Kundli making, making it a convenient and affordable option for those interested in astrology.

How to Get Your Free Janam Kundli Online?

Producing Your Own Kundli Online is a Straightforward Process

With AstroTreasure, creating an online Kundli is a simple process. Navigate to the “Kundli” option and provide the necessary information, such as your date and time of birth. Ensure accuracy in data entry for precise predictions.

Detailed Janam Kundli Results

After submitting your details, click “submit.” Within seconds, you’ll receive a comprehensive Janam Kundli that includes textual content describing your strengths and weaknesses. In addition, charts demonstrate the positions of various planets in houses based on your astrological situation, providing a new level of insight into your personality.

Free Kundli and Kundli Matching Services

AstroTreasure offers free Janam Kundli readings that result from rigorous scientific methods. Despite the complexity of the process, the results are conveyed in simple language that is easy to understand. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions, you can contact our astrologers via chat or phone.

In addition to offering Janam Kundli readings, AstroTreasure provides Kundli matching services for those interested in getting married. Kundli matching is essential to ensure the compatibility of the bride and groom. If the Kundli doesn’t match, an astrologer can provide explanations and remedies to address the situation.

Benefits of Janam Kundli Readings

Janam Kundli’s readings provide insight into your strengths and weaknesses. They can also help you make important life decisions, such as when to get married. If you’re interested in obtaining a Janam Kundli for yourself, AstroTreasure offers free online Kundli, Kundli prediction, and Kundli reading services. You can also obtain personalized Janam Kundli through our Janam Kundli maker software.

Frequently Asked Questions

The accuracy of online Janam Kundli software is a common concern for many people. kundli, a crucial aspect of Astrology, has been sought after for centuries as a means to gain insight into one’s future. Fortunately, with the advent of online Janam Kundli software, individuals can now obtain their Kundlis with ease and accuracy. By utilizing the same traditional practices and Astrological predictions as physical Janam Kundli, online software such as AstroTreasure’s free Janam Kundli is just as precise and authentic. Moreover, the online software often provides more detailed and comprehensive information compared to the physical version.

If you are looking for a free online Janam Kundli, AstroTreasure offers a hassle-free solution. Simply navigate to the ‘Janam Kundli’ section on the main menu and provide your precise birth details, such as your date, time, and place of birth. Within seconds, you will receive a comprehensive Kundli report prepared by experienced Vedic astrologers. This report is personalized and provides an in-depth analysis of your character and all critical aspects of your life.

Lagna Kundli and Janam Kundli are the same and can be used synonymously.

The Navamsa Chart, also referred to as the D9 chart, is a significant Astrological chart that follows the Kundli chart in importance. This chart is derived by dividing a sign into nine equal parts, and it is mainly utilized for predicting the future of one’s marriage and fortune.

Certainly! Although birth time is an important factor for preparing a Kundli or birth chart, it is possible to create a Kundli without it. Astrologers can use other methods to prepare a Kundli without a birth time, such as using a birth time rectification process, using the sunrise chart, or using a Prashna Kundli. However, the accuracy of these methods may vary and it’s always better to provide an accurate birth time for a more precise Kundli reading.

A Kundli chart, also known as a Lagna chart, is a fundamental component of Indian astrology. It is a graphical representation of the positions of the celestial bodies at the time of an individual’s birth. The Kundli chart is used to predict a person’s future, including their career, relationships, health, and finances, among other things.

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